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Want to know more about how to get your mind right for your sports performance? Wondering what the heck Cairns Sports Performance Clinic does? Get to know us, get a tip or two, and have a listen to these recorded interviews.

We love chatting with our local news ABC Far North

In this episode Phil Staley and I get into the nitty gritty of making athlete’s brains faster… using cognitive-perceptual training… a mouthful… but deceptively simple and remarkably effective.

Going deep into mental preparation is our specialty

Your mind is the last battle ground where games are often won and lost before the whistle even blows. I’ve interviewed several high performance coaches as part of my journey to learn more about helping athletes achieve states of unstoppable confidence and zone like performance.

Discussions with leading university researchers is not everyone's cup of tea... but it is ours!

We love to discuss the finer points of brain training, cognitive enhancement, neuro-feedback and all the things athletes don’t need to know… but we do because it’s how we help our clients achieve their goals!!

We do love getting social and connecting you with leaders in the sports performance industry!!

We regularly team up with leading sports trainers, high performance coaches, and occasionally… Olympic Gold Medallists!!

Sometimes our clients and us even crack the prime time news!!

We do love to share our clients victories in this close knit Cairns sporting community. Perhaps you’ll be the next face on one of the local news TV channels?

You can find us in beautiful Edge Hill on Collins Avenue

While we are an appointment only clinic it’s vital you know where we are when it’s time to come for your sessions. We’re located in “Coffee Central” so you’re guaranteed a great session and a great cup of black & milk goodness!

So, let us keep in touch. We have regular workshops, webinars, new programs and events throughout the year... and we want to make sure you don't miss out!

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